When I decided to start hiking I was so lucky to find Bess. She is very knowledgeable about the trails in Berkshire County and surrounding areas, as well as about the flora and fauna we see along the way. She leads a great hike, well done in her own personable style! 
Ellen Whittaker, Great Barrington, MA

For those who love an easy ramble:
A walk in the woods with Bess Dillman is easy going, a stop here and a stop there. If you love Berkshire woodland you will enjoy her easy pace. 
George Wislocki, founding director, Berkshire Natural Resources Council
Thank you, Bess, for the amazing hikes you have taken me on. You are truly THE Berkshire Hiker. Each time you lead me on a hike I learn more about the beautiful Berkshires. You create a sacred space for me to experience peace, joy and connection with nature. I am deeply grateful for your expertise, your gentle spirit, and thorough knowledge of the best places to hike in the Berkshires.
With gratitude, 
Carol McGlinchey, Housatonic, MASpiritMessages.org
I have hiked with Bess for several years and look forward to any chance to join her outings. Her enthusiasm for the trails, wildlife and flora of these Berkshire Hills is infectious and a delight. Bess seeks out a variety of habitats to explore all over the County, some on state land, some on land owned by various nonprofits, and some private property. It is always an interesting experience. Bess' knowledge of Berkshire trails is both broad and deep, and she is always prepared, on time, and well-organized. Bess is a gentle and kind leader, always looking out for the welfare of the group and always making sure everyone has fun in the outdoors in all seasons. 
Karen Ross, Lebanon Springs, NY
We have been hiking with Bess for many years. Not only is Bess a wonderful hike leader, her knowledge of hiking destinations in Berkshire County and nearby Connecticut and New York includes all of the well-known destinations as well as those special destinations that are off the beaten path, that very few hikers are aware of. Bess’ knowledge of the flora and fauna makes each hike that much more interesting. She can identify birds, plants and animals and animal tracks. She knows what trails have great views, waterfalls, and lunch spots. Bess tailors her hikes to the experience, interests and ability of each group. Whether it’s a stroll in the woods or a strenuous, challenging climb to an incredible vista, Bess leads it all! 
Joe Gelinas & Roxanne Supina, Otis, MA
I had no idea how many trails existed prior to hiking with Bess. She knows them ALL and makes it easy by always telling you the duration and how strenuous it may be. Always look forward to the camaraderie, beautiful landscape and always a take back of learning a new tree name or wildflower. She's is certified by the Appalachian Mountain Club, knows first aid and CPR. There's no other person I feel more comfortable hiking with. Thanks Bess for all you share with us. 
Marina Wilber, Great Barrington, MA 
I've been hiking regularly with Bess for about 3 years now. I am a transplant to the Berkshires - in good part because I love outdoor activities and opportunites are plentiful here. Through Bess's hikes I've made friends, learned about hiking places I never would have discovered on my own, and learned a lot about the flora an fauna we see on our hikes. Bess is diligent about safety, scouts the hike herself before the group goes, and describes the hike well in an email so people can decide if they are going to participate. Tuesdays are one of my most enjoyable days of the week! 
Linda Benton, Lee, MA

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