About Me

I grew up in the Berkshires on a dead-end dirt road way out in the country. My father was a very enthusiastic nature educator and I loved walking in the woods with him because he would get so excited about anything he found interesting.

Then life happened and I was immersed in a business and my family. In 1998, my husband and business partner died of cancer. My life was shattered. The only solace I got was when I was outside walking. I started with the streets of Great Barrington and then added the Appalachian Trail and discovered more nearby trails and properties. The only time I felt OK was when I was walking or hiking on our beautiful Berkshire trails.

At first I walked alone but very soon I met people on the trail who told me about the Appalachian Mountain Club where I met more lovers of the outdoors. Nature, the physical activity of walking and the wonderful hikers I met, helped me get through this difficult time. 

I never tire of walking in the Berkshires—I love the variety of habitats, terrain, trails, flora and fauna; the beauty of the forest, streams, meadows and mountaintops; and, perhaps most of all, the peace I feel out on the trail. 

For me, hiking is truly a rest for the brain! Where else in this complex world do we find that? Hiking is my passion and I am still receiving its healing benefits. 

May I share the trail and all its benefits with you? Email or call for rates and options.

Check out my schedule for public hikes you can join. 

Jug End Mountain on the Appalachian Trail, Sheffield, in the morning mist.


  1. Bess,
    Thanks for your wonderful blog.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Justine! Hope you are able to get out on the trail where ever you are.

  2. Great site and wonderful resource!

    I just found your website via an image search looking for photos of certain hikes of the greater Berkshires.

    Great photographs! I am working on a new project and would love to talk about your photography.

    (sorry for the repost, I thought it would be more appropriate on this page) ~ K

  3. Thanks Kit. Glad you like my photos!

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