Thursday, June 20, 2013

View at Laura’s Tower is partially obscured.

It’s a nice view, but unfortunately the trees have grown tall enough to obstruct the view of Mt. Greylock to the north. The southerly view has been blocked by trees for years.
1. Two years ago before the leaves were out fully you got a good view of Mt. Greylock, the light blue double hump.
2. Last week the leaves blocked much of the view.
The tower is sturdy and in good condition so it is easy to climb.

The first photo was taken two years ago in early May before the leaves were fully opened. The second I took last week (June 16). That day I walked through Ice Glen, up to Laura’s Tower, across the ridge to Beartown State Forest. It's still a great hike and I love climbing the tower and being up in the treetops!

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