Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mt. Greylock, Deer Hill Trail

Trail from the campground parking area on Rockwell Road
to Deer Hill Trail and campground.
Last week I drove to Mount Greylock to explore the Deer Hill Trail and Circle Trail. At the Visitor's Center I learned that the Circle Trail, one I'd never been on, is no longer being kept up, although the ranger said that I could give it a try which I did. It was rough with bridges out and blowdowns but I enjoyed it but wouldn't recommend it--a little hard to follow.

The Deer Hill Trail descended past a shelter lean-to and into a ravine with a well-maintained bridge across a stream. Then the trail climbed up to the beautiful falls consisting this time of year of many trickles & drips. Beautiful! I continued on past the campsites out to Stony Ledge. Although it was a little hazy, the view as always was wonderful!
View of the stream at the bottom of Deer Hill Trail.
The falls on the Deer Hill Trail on Roaring Brook.
Goldenrod at Stony Ledge.

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