Thursday, May 29, 2014

AT—East Mountain, Great Barrington

It was a sunny breezy day last Tuesday and not many bugs yet, or they were kept away by the wind. The leaves were still small enough that sunshine covered the trail. A beautiful day for a great hike on the AppalachianTrail!

New rock steps up the steep hillside to the lookout. 
At the rocky outcropping looking west. Mount Everett is the hump on the left.
These young lady's slippers will soon turn pink.
One of my favorite spots—the tent platform at the Tom Lenard Shelter.
The sun can still get through the emerging leaves, but not for long!
After hatching, the eastern tent caterpillar spends 7 to 8 weeks in the silk "tent" ,
leaving it to feed on young leaves and returning to digest and stay warm.
Then each caterpillar moves the the ground, spins a cocoon
and in a few weeks emerges as an adult moth. 

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