Monday, July 14, 2014

Questing, New Marlborough

On July 3, I spent time enjoying the 2.6 miles of trails at the Trustees of Reservations Questing Reservation. It's a wonderful place with wide trails through woods and fields. A lollipop trail begins with a gentle climb from the parking area up to a loop trail through woods and fields. I spent about three hours walking slowly, enjoying and admiring the scenery, taking photos and having my lunch. A beautiful day!

The trails are mowed so there is less chance of getting ticks on you, although I check sporadically while hiking, always when I get back to the car, and also at home. I've picked three ticks off my clothing and exposed skin this year, but none were embedded. It does require vigilance.

The spacious trails and open understory provide views into the woods.
The stone walls are evidence of hand labor and centuries of farming.
The fields are filled with wildflowers, birds, butterflies and insects.
A Hummingbird Moth hovers by a milkweed flower, feeding on the nectar.
It's so fat you wouldn't think the wings could hold it up!
I was captivated by these two 6-foot-tall Turk's Cap Lilies in one corner of the field.
Each of them had at least twelve flowers.
How beautiful is that!
Yep, I was smitten.
Land form of the Eastern Newt, called a Red Eft.
I always smile when I see these guys wriggling across the trail.
With all the space in the forest,
this younger tree wanted the same space as the older one.
And was determined!

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