Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Appalachian Trail From Pittsfield Rd., South to Rte 20, Lee

Saturday, I hiked with three friends on the Appalachian Trail. As I drove the half-hour to the trail head, I saw snow on the hilltops in Lee. Then, at the Jacob's Ladder parking area, a layer of snow covered the ground from flurries that night. What a surprise! No snow in Egremont, Great Barrington or Stockbridge. Apparently just that small change in elevation made the difference. My first snow of the season--always fun!

A young bear walked across the trail recently, probably that morning.
We could clearly see his or her tracks on the board pathway.
On the right side of the photo you can see the claw imprints out beyond the toes.
Two beaver lodges in this beaver pond! About one-third from the right
 on the front lodge, you can see a curved path where the beavers climbed up
out of the water to put more branches on the top
Here this large birch tree is almost ready to fall. Busy beavers!
The inch to two inches of snow was melting
with the temps in the 40s.
Amazingly clear tracks of a ruffed grouse, or partridge, walking down this log.
I had a great day!

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