Friday, February 13, 2015

Lime Kiln Farm in the Snow

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day at Lime Kiln Farm Wildlife Sanctuary. The snow was deep and fluffy. We saw many tracks that had been partially covered by the day-before's snowfall, and a few fresh ones. The rabbits were most-recently active and left lots of prints in the snow.

This 260-acre Audubon property has many fields with great views west to the ridge over which the Appalachian trail traverses. We identified Mt. Everett, the highest; Mt. Bushnell and Jug End to the north; and, to the south, Mount Race and Bear Mountain with Sages Ravine in between. From the farthest field on the Scenic Vista Trail, there is also a view north, towards Mt. Greylock.

For more observations, check out my other two posts about this property. I love it any time of year!

One of us was on cross-country skies; the rest, snow shoes.
We noticed that the rabbits had been out recently,
hopping around in the bushes near the trail.
The bunnies had a well-worn path around the back of the old lime kiln.
The snow was deeply drifted inside the deteriorating 40-foot-tall structure. 
The sunshine felt warm and the temperature was in the 20s.
Something, probably a deer, bounded across the field a few days ago.
Mt. Everett was snow-covered in the distance. (Photo by Marina Wilber.)
Good thing we were wearing snow shoes! The snow was deep.

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