Saturday, May 23, 2015

Swinging Through the Treetops at Ramblewild

Last week, my friend Silvia and I visited Ramblewild in Lanesborough. They describe themselves as a tree-to-tree adventure park and we were ready for adventure! It's a little intimidating for someone like me who is a wee bit height-challenged but I actually felt quite safe in the harness. It has two locking carabiners, only one of which can be opened at a time ensuring that we were never unattached.

The eight courses are designed around a central hub on two levels starting 10 and 15 feet above the forest floor. Each course has 15-17 elements utilizing ropes, wires, logs, and zip lines in creative ways. I never knew what was coming next, just that it would be new and different! (Thanks to Michael Wilcox for the photos.)

First, we put on our safety harnesses and hard hats.
Then we were instructed on a practice element to learn "the ropes." 
Silvia prepares to climb to the hub platform
to begin the first course. 
The courses are designed in five levels of difficulty.
I'm nervously ready to step off the first platform
onto the netting.
It was easy!
This element was a little harder but still very do-able.
Silvia loved the thrills!
Most of the time we were at least this high up in the canopy.
I was concentrating so hard on my balance
 that I forgot how high up I was.
Logs and boards were used in many inventive ways.
Every element presented a new challenge.
The zip line brought us to the ground
 at the end of the first course.
I hoped I wouldn't to the splits between the logs!
We found that stepping sideways
was the way to navigate this element.
When I look at these photos,
I can't believe I did this!
I'd never been on a climbing wall before.
I was proud I scaled it! 
Just don't look down!
Silvia and I completed two courses on the first level and another on the second level in our 3-hour allotted time. It was challenging, exhilarating and fun. I think Silvia could have easily completed more difficult courses, but I was happy to call it a day. We came, we saw, we climbed, we conquered! Yes!

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