Friday, February 5, 2016

Mt. Greylock in January With No Snow!

Sunday I hiked up Mt. Greylock with a few friends. We parked on Hopper Road in Williamstown and started up the Haley Farm Trail promptly at 9:30. We immediately met three weekend backpackers who advised us to put on our Microspikes which we did. We wore the Microspikes all day and appreciated them most on the way down the Hopper Trail which was covered in ice.

It was hard to believe that even on the top of Mt. Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts at 3,491 feet, the snow was just a dusting. This is so different from last year which was the coldest and snowiest winter in many years. Our main problem was trying not to get uncomfortably hot from the exertion of the uphill climb! 

We hiked a little over 10 miles with temps in the 40s. Not bad for January 31st!

The view from Stony Ledge.

How fun is that to be hiking in the snow in a tank top!

It's amazing how much heat the body generates while climbing.

It's always a great view from the top.

It was dark and gray at the tower but it is Greylock after all. 

I loved the bright open woods with views
not obscured by leaves, as we made our way down the Hopper Trail.

This section of the Money Brook Trail was new to me. Sweet!

After all the grayness at the top, these colors were almost dazzling.

The sun came out as we returned to our cars. It actually felt like April.

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