Thursday, July 14, 2016

High Falls in Philmont/Claverack, NY

I visited High Falls last week and although the water flow was low it was still an impressive sight. The falls are near the village of Philmont and just below an old dam built in 1845 that at one time provided power for 17 mills in the area. It was my first visit and I want to come back when the water flow is gushing!

It's a property of the Columbia Land Trust and their brochure gives the interesting cultural history of the area and a trail map for several miles of trails. I explored them all, viewing the falls first from the highpoint, then walking down to the base of the falls where you see about two-thirds of the vertical drop. It's still spectacular!

I ate lunch while watching and listening to the falls. Some young people came by and asked if I knew where the spot was where people jump off the falls into the pool below. I said, "Are you crazy! That's so dangerous!" Actually, I don't think I phased them a bit. Oh, well.

A bench made this high view through the trees a great spot to meditate.
Here's the view from my lunch spot at the base of the falls. A couple of girls were swimming on the left.

Then a group of millenials stopped by while checking their smartphones. 

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  1. I love hiking here, it's such a great spot. Totally agree with you about the swimming, it's very dangerous and the Conservancy's signs say swimming's not allowed there.


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