Monday, September 3, 2018

Storm King Art Center

The 500-acre Storm King Art Center in Cornwall, New York, is a leading sculpture park for large outdoor installations. There are current exhibitions and a permanent collection scattered throughout the grounds. I enjoyed my visit in August on a beautiful day that wasn't overly hot, thankfully.

When I come back, I'd love to spend the day walking on the trails and exploring the sculptures both closeup and from a distance. I'll avoid hot summer days though, because there is little shade. But the open landscape makes for wonderful views. The center is closed in the winter which is too bad; I thought it would be a great place for cross-country skiing or showshoeing!

It's amazing to see such huge sculptures just sitting in a field!  This one is by Alexander Calder.

This one is made of wood and metal and must be over 15 ft. tall.

You can see how this structure towers above us. It's by Mark di Suvero.

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