Sunday, January 26, 2020

Mt. Van Hoevenberg from Adirondak Loj, Lake Placid

Photos from a fall hike up Mt. Van Hoevenberg:

The trail began with a lovely flat section through a spruce forest. 
The berries of the Hobble Bush were turning from red to black
and the leaves were beginning to change color. 
Hobble Bush. 
A few bright maple leaves were sprinkled on the trail.
And it was only August 31! 

I love this mixture of different lichen types and moss. Gorgeous!

The summit was cooler and very windy.
These tenacious trees persisted and were able to make a life for themselves!

I happened to see a few fronds of this beautiful fern
that I at first thought was Maidenhair Fern but now see that it is not.
It's paired with a forest goldenrod, maybe Blue-stemmed?

Lush polypody ferns cover the rocks.
I loved this aster on the woodland floor.

The mountains were speckled with sunshine.
It was amazingly windy at the summit.
I can't imagine how strong the wind must be in the winter.
No wonder the trees were so stunted.
The Bunch Berrys were turning red
and the leaves were changing to a deep maroon.

A large wetland at the beginning of the trail
with Mt. Van Hoevenberg in the background.

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