Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alford Springs Reserve, Alford, Mass.

Alford Springs Reserve is an 874-acre Berkshire Natural Resources Council property in Alford bordering on New York state. The nicely-mowed trail is an elongated loop with a connector trail through the middle. The outer loop is about 3.75 miles including a half-mile of dirt road. It's a pleasant walk up and down through the woods. I like to walk it as a figure eight in order to do all the trails and make it a longer hike.

The wide wood road is well-maintained.
In several places, a cut in the trees provides a nice view of Alford agricultural land.
Love those blackberries!
Yesterday, the blackberries provided a nice snack! I should have brought a container to take some home with me. I like them with sour cream or sweetened yogurt. Yum!

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