Monday, August 5, 2013

Appalachian Trail—Sages Ravine to Mt. Everett

I led an AMC hike yesterday on the Appalachian Trail through Sages Ravine and over Mt. Everett in Mt. Washington, Massachusetts. The weather, the views and the company made for a great trip!

The clouds were stunningly dramatic as they changed throughout the day. On the last part of the hike, from the top of Mt. Everett to our cars at Guilder Pond, we were caught by the rain but it was light enough that I didn't even put on my rain jacket. I love a summer shower!

The views of Twin Lakes, Salisbury, Connecticut, from the cliffs just south
of Mt. Race where we had lunch.
If you look below the center cloud, you will see that it is dumping some rain
far to the north of where we were.
From Mt Race, looking toward Mt. Everett, here the dark cloud was moving closer!
Here at the top of Mt. Everett the rain cloud was almost overhead
and we heard distant thunder. 
We hurried to take shelter in the lean-to just below the summit of Mt. Everett
and watched the rain approach. A very light rain
(and no more thunder) made a refreshing end to the hike!

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