Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beavers at Benedict Pond, Great Barrington & Monterey

Half of Benedict Pond is in Great Barrington and half is in Monterey, but all of it is in Beartown State Forest. It's a 35-acre manmade lake with no development around it. An easy, scenic loop trail skirts the water. A few days ago, we saw lots of very fresh beaver activity on the northern and western sides of the lake.

The lake was calm and mirror-like.
Much of it is shallow.

The beavers have been working hard to topple this large birch.
Maybe tonight it will go down!
Here's a beaver path from the water to the tree.
It must take quite a few days to fell a large tree judging by this path!
The Lookout Trail leads to a wonderful place for a picnic with views to the west.
(Photo by Marina Wilber)


  1. I grew up in African and only know beavers from cartoons. That picture where they've chewed into the old birch tree is just incredible!

    1. Vernon, I have seen many trees like this and still wonder at it every time. The strength of a beaver's teeth and jaws is amazing. Thanks for your comment!


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