Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Taconic Crest Trail, Pittsfield

Friday was a cold, windy day with the first snow I've encountered this fall. We walked from Rte 22 in Hancock, up to Berry Pond in the Pittsfield State Forest. Although many trails here are open to motorized vehicles, the Taconic Crest Trail is a foot path. A section of it near Berry Pond has been modified for use by mountain bikers with several switchbacks to accommodate the bicycles. It was a great walk of about 6 miles mostly along the top of the ridge.

First snow of the season!
We saw several of these small Bruce Spanworm Moths also called Winter Moths
because they come out so late in the fall. More about them here.
A man-made pond along the way. 
A lofty deer-stand-for-two created between tree trunks.
It's a reminder that hunting is allowed in the state forest.
We saw that a bear had used this tree trunk for a scratching post!
Through the tree branches are nice views west into Columbia County. 

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