Friday, June 27, 2014

Fresh Bear Tracks at Thousand Acre Swamp, New Marlborough

Apparently we just missed a bear and one or more cubs on the trail around Thousand Acre Swamp in New Marlborough. It's so interesting to see the record left in the soft ground by the animals. It looked like a lot of activity had just occurred! (Thanks to Janice Tassinari for the photos.)

A bear track, probably the front paw.
You can see the holes left by the claws out in front of the toes.
Here the bear walked down the trail. I think that those are cub tracks to the right.
I think these are lots of squirrel or maybe chipmunk tracks.
I loved the beautifully designed suspension bridge over the water
built by the New Marlborough Land Trust in 2013..


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  2. Very cool trail. Where is this trial? I know where 1,000 acre swamp is. How long is the trail? Can we do it in the winter?

    1. You can park for the trails at the boat access off Hotchkiss Road. The New Marlborough Land Trust has published a map of the trails. The lake is in Cookson State Forest. I'm not sure if the access road is plowed in winter, but the trails would be great for snowshoeing. Good luck!