Friday, June 6, 2014

Walking in New York City

The Tuesday Berkshire Hikers took MetroNorth into NYC this week on a very warm day with thunder storms threatening. We walked the High Line, the reclaimed elevated rail line in Chelsea and the Meatpacking District that is now a popular mile-long park.

We also walked along the Hudson River on the Hudson River Park that goes all the way south to Battery Park, a lovely waterside strip of land. Then we visited the 9/11 Memorial, a sobering and emotional spot. The rain held off until we were on the return train ride.

The plantings and flowers in both parks were artfully arranged and well cared for. The neighborhood around the High Line is experiencing a building boom because the park has made it extremely desirable real estate. Here in the Berkshires, we have had some local opposition to rail trails; fear that they devalue the neighborhood. I have never seen that happen, in fact, quite the opposite.

The High Line is raised several stories above street level. 
One of many construction projects we saw along the way.
A fun water feature was very popular. 
It was a great place to cool your toes on a hot day.
Street view from the High Line.
Gardens & lawn along the Hudson River Park.
A pier was repurposed to a children's park.
We walked south along the Hudson River to One World Trade Center,
America's tallest building, 
The 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center site includes
two one-acre-square 30-ft waterfalls in the footprint of the Twin Towers.
The memorial design title, "Reflecting Absence", says it all.  

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