Monday, October 20, 2014

Greenport Conservation Area, Greenport, New York

The Greenport Conservation Area is 650 acres of former farmland along the Hudson River with amazing views of the river and the Catskill Mountains. There are 5 miles of wide paths through fields and woods. North of this property is more adjacent public lands with a 2-mile trail to Harrier Hill where the views are panoramic.

The land is so different from the Berkshires even though it's only a half hour away. The mountains are larger, the river is larger, the fields are larger, the sky is larger and the views are longer. It's expansive while the Berkshires are intimate. I love both! It's good to get out and notice the difference and appreciate each. 

This gazebo is all-accessible and has wonderful views.
The Hudson River and the Catskills beyond are spectacular. 
This is a monumental old white oak
among mostly young trees.
Although evergreen trees have needles all year, in the fall the lower needles
 turn yellow and fall off, making a golden carpet under the trees.
A remaining silo at Harrier Hill is a reminder that this property was farmland.
The seating, some even covered here at Harrier Hill,
provides comfortable spots to enjoy the view.
Milkweed seeds are food for the birds and the plants
are habitat for Monarch butterflies.
I'll have to come back in the summer to see the butterflies!
Many of the paths are wide and some are all-accessible.

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