Thursday, October 2, 2014

Upper Goose Pond, Lee

Last week we walked from Rte 20 in Lee on the Appalachian Trail, across the Mass. Pike, up to the Upper Goose Pond Cabin and then on to Goose Pond Road in Tyringham. It was a beautiful day especially with the leaves beginning to turn their bright fall colors. There were caretakers at the cabin and we enjoyed lunch with them while sitting on the dock looking out at the intensely-blue lake. A south-bound thru-hiker was taking a day of rest on another dock nearby. Very peaceful!

Fall is such a wonderful time to hike! The air is crisp and cool and I love the smell of the woods--it's earthy and sweet at the same time. The forest is lighter and brighter and the sun is a welcome warmth making my mood and energy level rise.

The Upper Goose Pond Cabin is staffed by volunteers in spring,
summer and fall. It's closed in winter.
The lake was too cold for swimming,
 but would have been perfect for canoeing or kayaking.
This fall, more acorns than usual litter the ground,
As you walk through the woods,
 you can hear them falling into the dry leaves.
Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on ball bearings!
The wood ferns are dying. I will miss them!
Love those bright sassafras leaves!
When ripe, the berries of the Indian Cucumber are deep blue
 and the leaves just below them turn a bright red.

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  1. See you soon for more hikes and learning about plant id!


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