Monday, July 22, 2013

Appalachian Trail along the Housatonic in Connecticut

Thursday, the weather was hot and oppressive. I came across a group of about 10 thru-hikers in their twenties who started in Georgia and were headed to Maine. They had decided that it was too hot to hike and were cooling off in the Housatonic River and sharing a trailside pizza feast provided by a trail angel. A trail angel is someone who offers help to hikers for free. It could be food, transportation, socks, shower--anything that they might need. What they give is called trail magic.

The Appalachian Trail near Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut, follows the Housatonic River for 4.5 miles, forming the longest flat stretch on the 2180-mile trail.

I enjoyed watching this Tiger Swallowtail butterfly feeding
 in the beautiful lavender-colored wild burgamot flowers.

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