Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We help build the Brother's Trail

The Berkshire Natural Resources Council (BNRC) is building a new trail on Yokun Ridge above Kripalu in Lenox. Yesterday, five of the Tuesday Berkshire Hikers helped professional trail workers, BNRC staff, Greenagers and other volunteers to build this new trail which will complete a loop on the BNRC Yokun Ridge Preserve. 

We removed the duff and root mat down to the mineral soil on about 100 ft. of trail. The next step, which will probably be done by the Greenagers, is to add rocks and compacted sandy soil to bring it up to the level of the forest floor. 

We noticed that the Greenagers were working incredibly hard and the professionals were doing beautiful rock work near a stream. It's amazing to learn some of what goes into making a trail. And our sweat is in it, too! It really was fun!

"Berkshire Natural Resources Council is a non-profit land conservation organization working throughout the Berkshires in Massachusetts to preserve threatened lands. The Council places special emphasis on protecting Berkshire's farms, forests, streams, and ridgelines – the great landscape features that give us clean water, fresh air, local produce, healthy wildlife, and outstanding recreational opportunities."

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