Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Appalachian Trail along the Housatonic River

The trail is a beautiful wide path along the river.
Today the Tuesday Berkshire Hikers walked on the Appalachian Trail from Kent to Cornwall Bridge, CT, along the Housatonic River. As we started, we met four thru-hikers in their 20s, three men and a woman. They started in Georgia on different dates in March, so they had been on the trail for over four months! They became friends on the trail when they found that they hiked at the same pace (which was much faster than we did!) so that it was easy to keep together. It's so much fun to talk to thru-hikers about their experiences.

The weather was perfect. The trail was flat so we could enjoy the views of the river which was wide and shallow with plenty of room for a couple of fly fishermen casting into the deeper pools. In a state as heavily populated as Connecticut, it's amazing and gratifying that we could walk for almost five miles along this beautiful section of river without seeing a house on either side.

What a great way to spend a summer day!

The thru-hikers are the ones with the BIG packs!
Here we walk along the edge of a hay field.
The rocks made a great place to stop for lunch.

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